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Gondwana Guides specialises in small group and private birdwatching tours in Australia (including Lamington National Park, Brisbane and South-east Queensland), Sabah, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea

Australia is a must see destination for birdwatchers.

It is an ancient land of dramatic contrasts in landscapes, climate and vegetation that has been isolated from other continents for millions of years. As a result it has more endemic bird species and families than any other country. Add the migrants from Asia and the Pacific and coastal and pelagic species around our vast coastline and the list of species for Australia is over 800.

Australia not only has some of the most beautiful and melodic birds in the world it has many specialised species with fascinating behaviour.  

The highly variable and often harsh climate in Australia has a dramatic and unpredictable impact on bird distribution therefore many Australian species are nomadic and their movements are dependent on the availability of favourable conditions.

This means that birding in Australia is always exciting and adventurous.

Gondwana Guides specialises in organising and guiding small group birding tours and private guiding throughout Australia.

We are based near Lamington National Park an Important Birding Area (IBA) and world renowned location for rainforest species including Albert’s Lyrebird, Regent Bowerbird and Paradise Riflebird.

Join us for a scheduled birding adventure or a private tour in Australia, Sabah, New Zealand, South Africa or Papua New Guinea.

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Southern Cassowary - GondwanaGuides
Cassowaries are a highlight of any birdwatching tour. Gondwana Guides focuses on seeing special birds to make our tours more memorable.

We are currently updating our website this July. Changes will be appearing daily over the next few weeks with tour updates, information and schedules. Please contact us via the link should you have any queries.