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Gondwana Guides - Interpreting Australia's Landscapes, Flora and Fauna

Tour Guide Training and Ecotourism Assessment


Gondwana Guides specialises in evaluating the performance of Guides and Guided Tours and developing and delivering solutions to any problems that are identified.

All Guides, even experienced ones, benefit from objective peer evaluation by an experienced industry colleague, just as all guided activities need to be reviewed and updated.

Barry Davies from Gondwana Guides, a veteran Tour Guide and winner of awards for Guiding and Hospitality, will work with your Activities team to put the polish on their performance and ensure the veracity of their information.

The process is simple:

  • Take part in activities with all the Guides and evaluate their performance.
  • Debrief the guides after the activities focusing on presentation skills and quality of the interpretation.
  • Design a mentoring programme for individual guides to develop their presentation skills.
  • Design and present a group training programme focusing on the following topics:


  1. Knowledge and field skills
  2. Presentation skills
  3. Programmes and Activities.
  4. Organisation and administration.
  5. Hospitality.

Provide ongoing support.

This process has proven successful for the EcoEscapes Group on Norfolk Island who recently won the inaugural Norfolk Island Tourism Award for Best New Product.

Call Barry on 0755333162 or 0417585865 or email to for more details.